Wendy Street, Kitchen & Walnut Diningroom Set, Richmond Hill, Jan. 6, 2011

Kitchen & Walnut Dining Room SetHi Darlene.  Due to poor lighting and angles I am having an awful time getting good pictures of my kitchen and dining room set that you so wonderfully refinished.  I wanted to try to get something you could use on your web site but not sure if these will work or not – let me know.  Not sure if you can tell by my photos, but the kitchen cupboards look brand new and so does the dining set.  My extended family has commented on how beautiful the furniture looks and how glad they are to see that the family hierloom is looking so good.  I would not hesitate recommending you to anyone that I hear of that needs refinishing work – the quality and attention to detail is outstanding!  Thank you and your team again for a wonderful job!   The only problem I have is that I am redoing my backsplash and had to paint the dining room as my “new” cupboards and furniture made them look shabby!

W Street