Margarit Voisin – Antique Secretary

Last year I was put in charge of my family’s estate house. I found some old pieces of furniture in the basement. As well, my aunt and uncle had old french provincial living room and dining room furniture. Everything was in poor condition. The living room arm chairs were almost rotted through and the wood was so soft one could scratch it off. The dining room was in fairly good shape. I found a large side board in the basement and a cabinet as well as a unique looking table. My husband persuaded me to take the furniture with much opposition  from me . I searched for a refurbisher and  found Darlene. After sending her pictures she assured me that she could rebuilt and finish all the pieces I elected to keep. She would also recommend an upholsterer.  She  told me that the cabinet was an old music stand and the table was from the late 1800.  I was very doubtful……however, unnecessarily so…when the pieces of furniture started arriving back I was shocked to say the least. My first reaction was hugging Darlene and crying at the amazing job she had done. All I could do was stare at the wonderful pieces of furniture she had restored. I was in awe. The last piece to arrive was the sideboard. Darlene’s husband brought it in and I stopped him cold stating he had the wrong piece of furniture. He started to laugh and said that this was my sideboard. I was flabbergasted. In front of me  was the most beautiful  ,rich looking, wood shining , incredible piece of furniture art I had ever seen. All the pieces that Darlene finished, whether the sideboard, tables, chairs,occasional chairs, and escritoires brought out the natural color of the wood, all the intricate carving and most of all they showed the loving hands that had restored them. I have Darlene to thank for giving me my family heritage . I now have my grandmother, aunt and uncle right here at home with me for ever.  I know that because of the professional restoration Darlene did I will have meaningful heirlooms for my children. I am looking forward to seeing the last 4 peices she is going to do for me this summer. Thank you Darlene for bringing my family home to me.

Margrit Voisin