Joelle Dowling, Oak Table Set, Oshawa

Joelle Dowling
NEBS Account Manager
Oshawa, Ontario

May 17, 2005

ATTENTION: Darlene Blades, Gentle Hands Restoration

Dear Darlene:

I cannot begin to tell you how please we are with our table. As you know, my husband and I have had our solid oak suite for over 25 years. We purchased it in Calgary and it has moved around the country with us.

About 3 years ago, the table pad started sticking to the table. The finish seemed to be softening in 2 or 3 spots. I kept the table covered because I was embarrassed if anyone saw the fuzz sticking to my table. I wasn’t sure if it could be restored to its original finish or not. You assured me that you could in fact restore my table, and, as mentioned above, we are extremely pleased.

The table looks so good that I don’t want to cover it at all now . It looks better than new.

I am more than happy to provide this letter, and will also be making personal recommendations to family and friends.



Joelle Dowling