Janice Laswick, Modern Style Mahogany Furniture, Whitby, Jan. 2012

Janice Laswick Modern Mahogany DresserI inherited his and her dressers from my parents this year that bring back fond memories of my childhood.  They are so superior to the quality of furniture made these days, that I wanted to incorporate them into my home.  They were, however, in poor visual condition due to many years of use and several moves.  I consulted with Darlene and she took the time to strip them to their original wood and then matched their finish to a piece of flooring from the bedroom where they now reside.  They went from a dated reddish finish from the ‘50s to a fabulous modern look of today, but still retain their original charm.  Thank you Darlene for your time and effort.  You have given new life to furniture that means a lot to me.

Janice Laswick, Whitby