Annette & Mathew Muir, Painted Furniture, Bowmanville

Muir Painted furnitureWith a new baby on the way, my husband and I were in the process of moving our little girl out of the nursery and into her new “big girl” bedroom.  As we shopped around looking for a new bedroom set we were displeased with the quality and prices that we were seeing.  My husband suggested that we maybe think about taking an existing set (of good quality) and look at restoring it.  With our busy schedules and a baby on the way we decide to price out the cost of having someone else do it. We sent pictures electronically to Darlene and within a day received reasonable quotes.  A date was arranged for pick up and we were contacted much sooner than expected that the pieces were completed.  We are overjoyed with the restoration of our old furniture completed by the Gentle Hands Team.  Not only does the furniture look amazing, the quality of work is excellent.  The once older looking furniture is now the focal point our little girl’s room and we are very excited to show off her new bedroom.

Annette Muir