Veneer Repair

veneer repairGentle Hands Restoration does veneer repair.

Even though a lot of people believe that wood with veneer is cheap…the opposite is actually true.    Cabinet makers have been making furniture with veneers for centuries.   The makers used veneers to make fabulous designs in their funiture.  If you look at older pieces of veneered furniture you will see that when veneers were used, they were made from the best cuts of the wood.   The sad thing is that the old growth forests that a lot of these veneers were made from have all disappeared.

The only people that had solid wood furniture were the farmers or the country people.  Veneered furniture was considered the best and most sought after.

We do not replace veneer on large pieces of furniture or table tops.

We do however do small veneer repair to; tabletops, buffets, china cabinets, chairs, dressers, drawer fronts, desks.

There is an hourly shop rate for this kind of repair.