Teak Furniture Restoration

Gentle Hands Restoration does teak furniture restoration.

Teak furniture has again become very popular.  In our opinion there are two options for refinishing teak furniture.

Restoration of Older Teak Furniture

Over the years even solid teak furniture can become water damaged, sun bleached, stained or a sticky gummy surface that is hard to clean.

First the teak furniture would be stripped carefully by hand using chemicals, steelwool, brushes and rags.  Stripping is the most important part.  After it the furniture is completely stripped, we would neutralize the stripper.   Depending on the condition of the surface the table may have to be coloured with stain before the oiling process begins.  After the stain has dried we would oil the table with as much teak oil/danish oil as the table will absorb.  This process ususally takes a couple of weeks.

Oil Finishes require yearly maintenance of re-oiling the surface with Danish Oil or Teak Oil.

Note:  Other people want maintenance free finishes like a polyurethane varnish that protects against UV rays and water.