Furniture Stripping

Gentle Hands Restoration does furniture stripping.

Our belief is that furniture should be stripped carefully and gently.  We use chemical furniture stripper, steel wool, soft brushes and rags all by hand to remove the old finish.

We do NOT use dip tanks as this wrecks the glue, lifts veneer, and raises the grain of the wood.  This is an unacceptable method of stripping furniture.

Due to oxidation, furniture changes colour with age.  We do not believe in sanding old surfaces as this removes the aged colour of the wood.  There is no such thing as a “Perfect” Antique.   The little imperfections in the wood such as scratches, tiny dents etc. are part of the character of the piece.

Many times people have taken a BELT SANDER to an old piece of furniture before bringing it to us.  This is an UNACCEPTABLE method of stripping furniture.