Antique Restoration

Gentle Hands Restoration does Antique Restoration.

antique-restorationAntique Restoration is the process of restoring an antique back to it’s original appearance.  Over the years with each different fad of decorating, people do many different finishes to their pieces of antique furniture.  I think I have almost seen everything a person could do to a piece of furniture.  Antique restoration to me means restoring it back to the way it was upon it’s conception.  Restoring furniture could mean removing a horrible finish like the antiqued finishes of the 1960’s or it could mean painting a piece because there were a lot of pieces of furniture that were made to be painted and were built out of scrap pieces of mismatched lumber.  Antique Restoration means a different approach to each individual piece of furniture.

We don’t believe in sanding out minor scratches or marks on the surface of the antique.  Patina is everything that has happenned to the piece of furniture in it’s lifetime.  To sand out these minnor imperfections would be removing the patina.  If you have strong feelings about a scratch, a mark, a dent, please talk to us about it.