Kitchen Cabinet Door and Drawer Painting

Kitchen Cabinet Carcass PaintingGentle Hands Restoration offers kitchen cabinet door & drawer painting.

Painting is a great way to update your kitchen, giving it a more modern look without having to take out a 2nd mortgage.  We are now using acrylic melamine paint which is the most durable paint on the market. Take a look at our Painted Kitchen Gallery.

The Process (Approx. 2 weeks from Start to Finish):

  • You remove hinges and hardware from your cabinet doors.
  • Important – number your doors while removing them and number the corresponding hinges.
  • We come into your home and pick up your doors and drawers.
  • We wash doors and drawers  with TSP and rinse carefully to remove any grease residue. (If not cleaned properly the paint will not adhere)
  • Any holes or damage to the doors and drawer fronts will be filled and sanded. (If you want new hardware you would need to instruct us to also fill existing hardware holes).
  • Doors and drawers are primed and sanded (often primed twice to fill open grain).
  • Doors and drawers are painted with 2 additional coats of melamine paint (sanding is done between each coat of paint).
  • Dry doors and drawers are delivered back to your home, wrapped and protected.
  • Paint does take 2 or 3 weeks to cure completely.  Customers should be aware that the newly painted doors and drawers should be handled carefully.

Additional Services:

Note:  We work with another company that offers an in-home painting service for the existing cabinet frames (carcasses) or if you want to do this part yourself,  download our  Painting Advice Instructions .

Breath some new life into your kitchen economically.  You will be thrilled with the result.