Painted 1940’s Kitchen Cabinet

Recently we painted this old cupboard for a lady in Bowmanville.  Sometimes we restore things that have a lot of sentimental value for our customers.  This cupboard belonged to the lady’s grandparents and she remembers it as a child.  Then it belonged to her parents and she can still remember what was in each drawer and cupboard.  The cupboard almost went into the fire but was saved and the top was cut off it to get it out of a basement.

This old cupboard had always been painted so we sanded all the peeling paint.  We stripped the doors and all the hardware and then repainted the entire cupboard.  We painted the drawer handles red and painted the door latches black as they had always been.

What a great cupboard to put anything in.  This is a wonderful example of someone seeing beyond the chipping paint…..reduse/reuse/recycle.