Furniture Refinishing, Furniture Painting & Antique Restoration

Pettis White Painted Kitchen 3Painting your current kitchen cabinets is the most cost effective way to improve, renew and renovate the look of your kitchen.  Kitchen Cabinet Door Painting is just one of the many things that Gentle Hands Restoration specializes in.

Take a look at just a few of our many Kitchen transformations.

Located in Newcastle, Ontario, Gentle Hands Restoration is licensed and insured and offers many other services including:

Kitchen Cabinet Door Painting Oak Kitchen Painted – Before & After
Furniture Refinishing Antique Restoration
Furniture Painting Furniture Stripping
Furniture Repair Veneer Repair
Chair Caning and Cane Inserts Furniture Parts Fabrication
Antique Conservation Teak Furniture Restoration
Painted and Faux Finishes Pick Up and Delivery


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